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What we do

With the evolution of the Internet and the ever-changing applications of this technology, the need for protecting a company's data assets has become a critical component of any business enterprise. Neglecting security procedures has led to catastrophic consequences for several major businesses in recent years.

SISL has a focused goal. Our audit process provides our clients with valuable insight into their company's security issues and then provides a clear understanding of methods to resolve those vulnerabilities. We do not conduct third party audits.

How we do it

The first stage of the audit, with the owner(s) and staff, usually requires from two to three days. Once the audit is complete a detailed overview of the company's security is compiled, including recommendations to address any deficiencies that were found. Those recommendations can be implemented through SISL, another agent or in some cases even in-house.

SISL has bonded and fully qualified agents in most major cities in Canada. Non-Disclosure agreements ensure the information in our reports is for the sole use of the business owner and will not be communicated to any other party(s).

"Providing you with a sense of total security."

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