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About SISL

Our Qualifications

Secure Information Systems Ltd. (SISL) has been a leader in the design and implementation of Internet business solutions and regional networking systems since 1994. Our broad scope of services has provided numerous government agencies and business clients with the solutions they needed, the emphasis on system security being a key aspect of SISL's overall package.

Our company directors all have solid backgrounds in computer security with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They have established a successful ISP business (, and more recently a Web Hosting company ( This experience gives SISL a diverse understanding of data systems in general and security issues in particular.

Security is the name of the game...

Recent world events have brought about heightened concerns for business security, specifically digital security. Companies frequently inquire about procedures to protect networks and information stored on PC's or servers. Many IT managers understand some of the more obvious risks, and have taken steps to protect their company. Content-filtering software, firewalls, security gateways, and new biometric devices can all improve system security - but not by themselves. For any network, be it hundreds of workstations or just a few critical servers, the challenge is to apply and manage the technology properly.

Anti-virus software is commonly used by responsible businesses. Unfortunately even the best anti-virus software is ineffective unless it employs a reliable system to download the latest virus signatures.

Enterprise passwords, while providing some security, are an ongoing responsibility in terms of their management. People choosing common words, writing them down or not changing their password frequently are only a few of the inherent problems. Physical access to secure areas can be protected through advances in biometric technologies, however, even these systems have their weaknesses and a backup password is still necessary.

All enterprise data systems need to be protected with the use of a firewall.

Regular system reviews and security upgrades are essential to identify and close new vulnerabilities exposed through the persistent efforts of hackers.

Understanding Limitations

Implementing some common security procedures can help protect your data, but it is important to understand their limitations. For instance many companies are finding their systems' vulnerabilities are not limited to "outside attacks". Some of the new products being developed are to stop breaches from within an organization as well.

Is your email safe from prying eyes? Encrypting e-mail before sending is one way to prevent others from accessing your communications. In most cases however, data isn't stolen during transport. Data is more commonly stolen from hard drives where it is frequently stored in unencrypted form. The bottom line: If your data is important and private - encrypt it.

Another security aspect often overlooked is accessability. Locking up a notebook when you're not around is just as important as running software tools. Also, network managers and users must understand the vulnerabilities of their computers and know how to use security tools effectively.

Training management and staff is essential to ensure the systems a company has invested in are being used effectively. Once the appropriate tools are in place - firewalls, biometric devices, anti-virus systems, and so on - don't assume all your people are able to use them. None of these tools can properly resolve security problems without adequate instruction of the individuals required to implement them.

About SISL
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